Pieds Ma-Tur, your podiatry clinic in Sherbrooke

Podiatrist for more than 20 years, I practice my profession every day with passion and thoroughness. My goal is to provide foot care offering comfort and relief to my patients, in a relaxing atmosphere.

Thanks to my services, you will find beautiful feet in good health, without warts, calluses, corns or mycoses. So do not wait any longer and ask for a consultation in my podiatry clinic located in Sherbrooke, close to Jacques Cartier Park.

Gentle and effective foot care

Both painful and unsightly, foot problems can quickly become troublesome in everyday life. Take care of yourself and your feet by making an appointment at my podiatry clinic in Sherbrooke. I guarantee high quality care after which you will have only one hurry, walk barefoot or put on your best sandals!

As a professional podiatrist, I offer foot care to treat the following problems:

Callosities :

Caused by repeated rubbing, callosities are quite normal and common. However, they can become uncomfortable when they are too thick. That’s when treatment is needed.

Callus :

Quite similar to callosities, callus usually appear when you have the bad habit of wearing too tight shoes. They can be painful and cause yellowing of the skin.

Mycosis :

Foot mycosis are painful and can appear on a fingernail or between the toes (in this case, we talk about athlete’s foot). It is essential to have them treated by a podiatrist because they never heal spontaneously.

Corns :

Often located on the soles of the feet and on the toes, the corns result from a thickening of the skin due to regular friction. Not painful, they can cause an unpleasant deformation of the foot.

Thick nails :

Very common, thick nails are caused by wearing too narrow or heeled shoes, but also by the too short cut of the nails. It is an inflammation that can lead to a serious infection.

Plantar warts :

Due to a virus, plantar warts often appear as a result of frequent wet areas. It is advisable to consult a podiatrist to eliminate them and prevent their spread.

foot care
foot care
foot care
foot care

A podiatrist passionate about her job

Graduated from the Académie Internationale Compétence Beauté and member of the Association des Podologues Diplômés, I have been a podiatrist for more than 20 years. So many years of work from which I derive pride and pleasure, thanks to the relief I bring to my patients on a daily basis.

One of the keys to my job is meticulousness. So I take care to sterilize my material every day , in order to offer irreproachable foot care.

Concerned to lavish my care to the greatest number, I accept patients of all ages, I practice competitive prices and I offer receipts for insurance. In addition, I also offer specialized care for people with diabetes, heart and hemophilia.

Contact me for all your foot care needs

Do you want to permanently solve your foot problems? Do not waste any more time and make an appointment at my podiatry clinic in Sherbroxoke. It will be my pleasure to welcome you and offer you relaxing and therapeutic foot care.

For any request for consultation or information, I am reachable from monday to friday, from 8:30 am to 5 pm, by phone or email.

from monday to friday, from 8:30 am to 5 pm